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Welcome to my website, Montgomery History Notes.    There is a description below of the Montgomery and Rowntree family information discussed in these pages.                             

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My main focus is to document and chart every known descendant line from John Montgomery (d. 1778 North Carolina) and Martha Montgomery.   If you are a descendant of this line (or know of someone), please contact me as I would very much like to collaborate with you. 

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This website is dedicated to the family of John Montgomery (born c. 1710 in Northern Ireland, died 1778 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina) and his wife Martha Montgomery.    I have also included some notes on some of my maternal family lines as well.

These are notes you can peruse to learn more about this family.  In addition, you are welcome to submit updates, additions, or corrections to help  make this story more complete and interesting.   This is very much a work in progress, and needs quite a bit more refinement; but it's a start.

Here are my reasons for posting this website:

1.  It is really fun stuff!  (Well, I think so, anyway)

2.  It might help other collaborators to compare information and offer new or improved information

3.  It can become a way to preserve the information for easier reference for future generations.

Let me be clear about this:      I have just started this website with some information I have at hand.  It is not a perfect work -- in fact it needs a lot more attention and accurate detail, and I'm sure includes errors that, once identified, need to be corrected.   That's part of why I've made this available -- to seek advice and improvements from other people interested in these things.   I also have a whole long list of additional information on my desk that I already want to include in this website -- hopefully I can get this done over the next coming months.   So keep checking back here to see what new items I may have included.

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