Craighead, Arkansas, USA


Tree: MontyHistNotes_II

County/Shire : Latitude: 35.8260959, Longitude: -90.67730460000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gibson, Myrtle A  3 Jun 1885Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19294 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Merrell, Homer L  13 Feb 1906Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19319 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Montgomery, Aldon Baxter  25 Mar 1911Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17806 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Montgomery, Alice F  Oct 1865Craighead, Arkansas, USA I12128 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Montgomery, Annie Locket  28 Nov 1925Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17812 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Montgomery, Edward Lee  10 Apr 1912Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17807 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Montgomery, Floyd Wayne  22 Mar 1923Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17811 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 Montgomery, Geneva  19 Mar 1909Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17805 MontyHistNotes_II 
9 Montgomery, Hilda L  11 May 1914Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17850 MontyHistNotes_II 
10 Montgomery, Lillian W  3 Aug 1906Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19448 MontyHistNotes_II 
11 Montgomery, Oscar Patterson  1 Nov 1883Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19503 MontyHistNotes_II 
12 Montgomery, Sterling Gardner  6 Oct 1916Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17808 MontyHistNotes_II 
13 Pierce, Emma Dora  24 Nov 1914Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17817 MontyHistNotes_II 
14 Pierce, Ruby Elizabeth  18 Mar 1912Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17814 MontyHistNotes_II 
15 Roach, Felix Brown  15 Nov 1903Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17813 MontyHistNotes_II 
16 Watkins, Sarah Leora (Xfer)  22 Apr 1884Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17800 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cooper, Junius Nathan  18 May 1912Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17855 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Gibson, Myrtle A  20 Apr 1962Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19294 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 McGough, William  18 Jan 1910Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17857 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Merrell, Homer L  3 May 1971Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19319 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Montgomery, Clarence  17 May 1965Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17846 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Montgomery, Edward Lee  8 May 1989Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17807 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Montgomery, Lillian W  28 Jan 1975Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19448 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 Montgomery, Margaret Ann  Apr 1898Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17856 MontyHistNotes_II 
9 Montgomery, Oscar Patterson  26 Aug 1922Craighead, Arkansas, USA I19503 MontyHistNotes_II 
10 Montgomery, Robert Newton  23 May 1931Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17799 MontyHistNotes_II 
11 Montgomery, Wilma Woodrow  30 Oct 1973Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17851 MontyHistNotes_II 
12 Roach, Felix Brown  10 Apr 1963Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17813 MontyHistNotes_II 
13 Watkins, Sarah Leora (Xfer)  21 Jul 1971Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17800 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Montgomery, Geneva  Craighead, Arkansas, USA I17805 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cooper / Montgomery  1892Craighead, Arkansas, USA F7661 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 McGough / Montgomery  5 Feb 1888Craighead, Arkansas, USA F7662 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Montgomery / Gibson  1903Craighead, Arkansas, USA F8234 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Montgomery / Pierce  15 Oct 1932Craighead, Arkansas, USA F7646 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Montgomery / Pierce  1 Apr 1933Craighead, Arkansas, USA F7644 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Montgomery / Sharp  30 May 1882Craighead, Arkansas, USA F7656 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Montgomery / Watkins  1 Mar 1907Craighead, Arkansas, USA F7640 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 Roach / Montgomery  24 Sep 1932Craighead, Arkansas, USA F7643 MontyHistNotes_II