Lincoln, Kentucky, USA


Tree: Rountree Family

Latitude: 37.456, Longitude: -84.6593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cook, Jane  1791Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47744 Rountree Family 
2 Cook, Nancy  1784Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47743 Rountree Family 
3 Givens, Rebecca Brown  27 Jan 1802Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47230 Rountree Family 
4 Lawson, Nicholas P  1803Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I48176 Rountree Family 
5 Montgomery, America  1810Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I48116 Rountree Family 
6 Montgomery, Charles  28 Dec 1883Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47116 Rountree Family 
7 Montgomery, Jesse  1812Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I48093 Rountree Family 
8 Montgomery, John Allen  3 Mar 1882Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46838 Rountree Family 
9 Montgomery, William Jr  15 Apr 1784Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I52350 Rountree Family 
10 Mounts, Gerard Smith  23 Feb 1797Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46165 Rountree Family 
11 Mounts, Mary Polly  1805Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46144 Rountree Family 
12 Stone, Margaret Peggy  9 Oct 1808Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46158 Rountree Family 
13 Stone, Samuel Montgomery  3 May 1810Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46164 Rountree Family 
14 Stone, Thomas Allen  26 Feb 1785Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47750 Rountree Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mounts, John Matthias  10 Feb 1781Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47308 Rountree Family 
2 Rountree, Mary Molly  30 Sep 1823Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I42108 Rountree Family 
3 Turner, Stephen  1800Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I42064 Rountree Family 
4 Worley, Elizabeth  Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I42117 Rountree Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alford, Lucinda Ellen  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46832 Rountree Family 
2 Montgomery, Franklin  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46979 Rountree Family 
3 Montgomery, John Marion  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46831 Rountree Family 
4 Montgomery, Martha  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47016 Rountree Family 
5 Montgomery, Mary E  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I47015 Rountree Family 
6 Montgomery, Robert Lee  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46980 Rountree Family 
7 Montgomery, Thomas Copelin  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46978 Rountree Family 
8 Poulter, Louisa J  1860Lincoln, Kentucky, USA I46977 Rountree Family 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Mann / Rountree  1 Jun 1794Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F28482 Rountree Family 
2 Montgomery / Alford  17 Jul 1874Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F31773 Rountree Family 
3 Montgomery / Cook  4 May 1807Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F32443 Rountree Family 
4 Montgomery / Copeland  11 Jan 1791Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F32132 Rountree Family 
5 Montgomery / Dozier  27 Jun 1785Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F31729 Rountree Family 
6 Montgomery / Smith  14 Mar 1807Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F32451 Rountree Family 
7 Mounts / Montgomery  31 Mar 1796Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F32091 Rountree Family 
8 Swope / Montgomery  25 Jun 1792Lincoln, Kentucky, USA F32455 Rountree Family