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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Mattie  22 Sep 1911Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2572 MontyHistNotes_III 
2 Back, William Henry  29 Oct 1878Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2548 MontyHistNotes_III 
3 Burton, Thomas J  1843Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4386 MontyHistNotes_III 
4 Fletcher, Asberry  20 May 1909Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2552 MontyHistNotes_III 
5 Helton, Hannah  10 Aug 1905Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2573 MontyHistNotes_III 
6 Hensley, Clarence  15 Sep 1907Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4297 MontyHistNotes_III 
7 Hensley, John Wesley  Sep 1850Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4338 MontyHistNotes_III 
8 Howard, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1884Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4361 MontyHistNotes_III 
9 Howard, Gladie  29 Aug 1914Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2571 MontyHistNotes_III 
10 Howard, John Tom  22 Apr 1859Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4336 MontyHistNotes_III 
11 Howard, Lee  15 Jan 1891Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4430 MontyHistNotes_III 
12 Howard, Lucinda  Jun 1831Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4330 MontyHistNotes_III 
13 Howard, Lucinda  Jul 1866Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4373 MontyHistNotes_III 
14 Howard, Rebecca Jane  8 May 1843Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4303 MontyHistNotes_III 
15 Howard, Winfield Scott  8 Feb 1869Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4331 MontyHistNotes_III 
16 Jackson, Jane  14 Aug 1875Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2304 MontyHistNotes_III 
17 Jenkins, Raney Valentine  14 Feb 1882Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2294 MontyHistNotes_III 
18 Jenkins, Virgie Dovie  Aug 1896Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4415 MontyHistNotes_III 
19 Keaton, Elizabeth  Apr 1884Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4340 MontyHistNotes_III 
20 McCarty, Eliza M.  1894Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2574 MontyHistNotes_III 
21 Montgomery, Abigail  31 May 1826Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2814 MontyHistNotes_III 
22 Montgomery, Adda  6 Feb 1907Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2402 MontyHistNotes_III 
23 Montgomery, Barryhill  Mar 1870Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2535 MontyHistNotes_III 
24 Montgomery, Benjamin Franklin  13 Mar 1859Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2531 MontyHistNotes_III 
25 Montgomery, Bernie  8 Mar 1895Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4369 MontyHistNotes_III 
26 Montgomery, Bruce  21 Oct 1896Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4372 MontyHistNotes_III 
27 Montgomery, Burgett  14 Mar 1909Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2562 MontyHistNotes_III 
28 Montgomery, Carrie B  May 1900Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4389 MontyHistNotes_III 
29 Montgomery, Clarinda Elizabeth  18 Feb 1866Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4304 MontyHistNotes_III 
30 Montgomery, Darcus  3 Nov 1881Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2690 MontyHistNotes_III 
31 Montgomery, David  8 Jul 1895Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2569 MontyHistNotes_III 
32 Montgomery, Dayrus S  3 Jul 1889Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2337 MontyHistNotes_III 
33 Montgomery, Earnie  1910Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2381 MontyHistNotes_III 
34 Montgomery, Edgar  10 Jul 1906Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2556 MontyHistNotes_III 
35 Montgomery, Edna Emily  11 Jul 1915Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2366 MontyHistNotes_III 
36 Montgomery, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1849Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2648 MontyHistNotes_III 
37 Montgomery, Emily Jane  17 Mar 1881Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2547 MontyHistNotes_III 
38 Montgomery, Farish  1875Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4233 MontyHistNotes_III 
39 Montgomery, George  3 Apr 1919Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2570 MontyHistNotes_III 
40 Montgomery, Gilly Ann  17 Jun 1893Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4370 MontyHistNotes_III 
41 Montgomery, Goldie  7 May 1909Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4310 MontyHistNotes_III 
42 Montgomery, Hager  23 Jan 1917Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4300 MontyHistNotes_III 
43 Montgomery, Harkinson  24 Jul 1897Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4414 MontyHistNotes_III 
44 Montgomery, Hathel  17 Feb 1916Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4301 MontyHistNotes_III 
45 Montgomery, Henry  1876Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4353 MontyHistNotes_III 
46 Montgomery, Howard  15 May 1919Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2372 MontyHistNotes_III 
47 Montgomery, Isaac C Big Ike  18 Sep 1864Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4360 MontyHistNotes_III 
48 Montgomery, Joe  30 Mar 1891Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2675 MontyHistNotes_III 
49 Montgomery, Johase  4 Sep 1884Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2629 MontyHistNotes_III 
50 Montgomery, John Riley  2 Feb 1880Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2561 MontyHistNotes_III 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnett, Nancy  1917Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4348 MontyHistNotes_III 
2 Back, Lewis  11 Sep 1953Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2566 MontyHistNotes_III 
3 Blanton, Newton  1927Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4347 MontyHistNotes_III 
4 Burns, Margaret  Dec 1923Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4339 MontyHistNotes_III 
5 Cantrell, Frances Franky  1930Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2299 MontyHistNotes_III 
6 Cantrell, Hannah M Elswick  9 May 1887Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2334 MontyHistNotes_III 
7 Conley, James  5 May 1908Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2539 MontyHistNotes_III 
8 Hamon, Elisa Ann  Bef 1935Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4429 MontyHistNotes_III 
9 Helton, Hannah  7 Aug 1992Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2573 MontyHistNotes_III 
10 Hensley, John Wesley  13 May 1937Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4338 MontyHistNotes_III 
11 Howard, Gladie  19 Sep 1987Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2571 MontyHistNotes_III 
12 Howard, James A  27 Aug 1913Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4343 MontyHistNotes_III 
13 Howard, John Tom  27 Jan 1914Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4336 MontyHistNotes_III 
14 Howard, Lourida  16 Mar 1917Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4337 MontyHistNotes_III 
15 Howard, Lucinda  Dec 1897Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4373 MontyHistNotes_III 
16 Howard, Rebecca Jane  1 Jan 1923Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4303 MontyHistNotes_III 
17 Howard, Reuben  1914Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4349 MontyHistNotes_III 
18 Howard, Richard French  14 Jun 1882Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4350 MontyHistNotes_III 
19 Jackson, Frances  Aft 1850Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4352 MontyHistNotes_III 
20 Jackson, Jane  14 Jan 1965Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2304 MontyHistNotes_III 
21 Jackson, Nancy Jane  29 Jul 1931Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2485 MontyHistNotes_III 
22 McCarty, Eliza M.  1961Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2574 MontyHistNotes_III 
23 McCarty, Harlan B  25 Mar 1925Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2528 MontyHistNotes_III 
24 Minix, Sarah McGee  Bef 1933Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2583 MontyHistNotes_III 
25 Montgomery, Benjamin  1930Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4419 MontyHistNotes_III 
26 Montgomery, Benjamin Boomer Ben  21 Feb 1936Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4346 MontyHistNotes_III 
27 Montgomery, Bernie  27 Sep 1973Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4369 MontyHistNotes_III 
28 Montgomery, Bruce  13 May 1971Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4372 MontyHistNotes_III 
29 Montgomery, Cynthia Angeline  18 Oct 1936Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2478 MontyHistNotes_III 
30 Montgomery, Edgar  1918Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2556 MontyHistNotes_III 
31 Montgomery, Edith Eady  Bef 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2480 MontyHistNotes_III 
32 Montgomery, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1938Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2648 MontyHistNotes_III 
33 Montgomery, George  18 Jun 1961Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2570 MontyHistNotes_III 
34 Montgomery, George A  1956Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2327 MontyHistNotes_III 
35 Montgomery, Gilly Ann  26 Dec 1962Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4370 MontyHistNotes_III 
36 Montgomery, Hager  4 Sep 1921Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4300 MontyHistNotes_III 
37 Montgomery, Isaac  23 Jul 1920Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2483 MontyHistNotes_III 
38 Montgomery, Isaac C Big Ike  3 Nov 1928Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4360 MontyHistNotes_III 
39 Montgomery, James H  3 Feb 1919Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2484 MontyHistNotes_III 
40 Montgomery, Liza  30 Oct 1918Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4332 MontyHistNotes_III 
41 Montgomery, Margaret Peggy  1958Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2641 MontyHistNotes_III 
42 Montgomery, Martha Jane  1954Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4289 MontyHistNotes_III 
43 Montgomery, Mary B  26 Apr 1956Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2568 MontyHistNotes_III 
44 Montgomery, Mary Ethel  14 Oct 1945Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2505 MontyHistNotes_III 
45 Montgomery, Mary F  Abt 1895Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4428 MontyHistNotes_III 
46 Montgomery, Mary Jane  Jun 1923Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2537 MontyHistNotes_III 
47 Montgomery, Mary Polly  15 Oct 1893Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2731 MontyHistNotes_III 
48 Montgomery, McPherson Mack  25 Nov 1949Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2565 MontyHistNotes_III 
49 Montgomery, Miles  1926Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2335 MontyHistNotes_III 
50 Montgomery, Miles Bunk  15 Nov 1941Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2576 MontyHistNotes_III 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burns, Margaret  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4339 MontyHistNotes_III 
2 Helton, Hannah  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2573 MontyHistNotes_III 
3 Howard, Gladie  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2571 MontyHistNotes_III 
4 Howard, Lucinda  1897Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4373 MontyHistNotes_III 
5 Howard, Reuben  1914Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4349 MontyHistNotes_III 
6 Howard, Thomas  1853Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4327 MontyHistNotes_III 
7 Jackson, Jane  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2304 MontyHistNotes_III 
8 McCarty, Eliza M.  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2574 MontyHistNotes_III 
9 McCarty, Harlan B  1925Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2528 MontyHistNotes_III 
10 Montgomery, Bernie  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4369 MontyHistNotes_III 
11 Montgomery, Bruce  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4372 MontyHistNotes_III 
12 Montgomery, Charles  1944Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4400 MontyHistNotes_III 
13 Montgomery, George  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2570 MontyHistNotes_III 
14 Montgomery, Gilly Ann  Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4370 MontyHistNotes_III 
15 Montgomery, Mary Jane  1923Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2537 MontyHistNotes_III 
16 Montgomery, Silas Joseph  1959Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2305 MontyHistNotes_III 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Addington, Elizabeth  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I3057 MontyHistNotes_III 
2 Arnett, Emily  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2559 MontyHistNotes_III 
3 Arnett, Nancy  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4348 MontyHistNotes_III 
4 Blanton, Newton  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4347 MontyHistNotes_III 
5 Fletcher, Asberry  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2552 MontyHistNotes_III 
6 Howard, Henry  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4329 MontyHistNotes_III 
7 Howard, John Tom  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4336 MontyHistNotes_III 
8 Howard, Lettica Letty  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4288 MontyHistNotes_III 
9 Howard, Lucinda  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4330 MontyHistNotes_III 
10 Howard, Reuben  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4349 MontyHistNotes_III 
11 Howard, Richard French  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4350 MontyHistNotes_III 
12 Montgomery, Benjamin  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4419 MontyHistNotes_III 
13 Montgomery, Benjamin Franklin  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2531 MontyHistNotes_III 
14 Montgomery, Calloway  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2710 MontyHistNotes_III 
15 Montgomery, Cynthia Angeline  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2478 MontyHistNotes_III 
16 Montgomery, Dudley  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2332 MontyHistNotes_III 
17 Montgomery, Elizabeth  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2648 MontyHistNotes_III 
18 Montgomery, Isaac  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2483 MontyHistNotes_III 
19 Montgomery, James H  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2484 MontyHistNotes_III 
20 Montgomery, John  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2338 MontyHistNotes_III 
21 Montgomery, John A  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2482 MontyHistNotes_III 
22 Montgomery, John J  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4195 MontyHistNotes_III 
23 Montgomery, Katherine  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2711 MontyHistNotes_III 
24 Montgomery, Kearney  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2624 MontyHistNotes_III 
25 Montgomery, Lonnie  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4416 MontyHistNotes_III 
26 Montgomery, Louisa  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4291 MontyHistNotes_III 
27 Montgomery, Martha  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2477 MontyHistNotes_III 
28 Montgomery, Martha  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4423 MontyHistNotes_III 
29 Montgomery, Martha Jane  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4289 MontyHistNotes_III 
30 Montgomery, Mary Ethel  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2505 MontyHistNotes_III 
31 Montgomery, Mary Jane  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2537 MontyHistNotes_III 
32 Montgomery, Miles  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2335 MontyHistNotes_III 
33 Montgomery, Morris Trusty  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2502 MontyHistNotes_III 
34 Montgomery, Silas  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2344 MontyHistNotes_III 
35 Montgomery, Vincent  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2709 MontyHistNotes_III 
36 Montgomery, William A  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I4293 MontyHistNotes_III 
37 Montgomery, William James  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2532 MontyHistNotes_III 
38 Montgomery, William M  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2345 MontyHistNotes_III 
39 Phipps, Flora  1935Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2377 MontyHistNotes_III 
40 Power, Mason Holt  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2476 MontyHistNotes_III 
41 Sizemore, Agnes Aggie  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2300 MontyHistNotes_III 
42 Trusty, Rebecca  1 Apr 1940Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2506 MontyHistNotes_III 
43 Wages, Emily F  1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA I2650 MontyHistNotes_III 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Montgomery  1885Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2785 MontyHistNotes_III 
2 Adkins / Montgomery  19 Mar 1884Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2786 MontyHistNotes_III 
3 Burton / Montgomery  1909Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2778 MontyHistNotes_III 
4 Hensley / Howard  29 Sep 1900Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2748 MontyHistNotes_III 
5 Howard / Montgomery  17 May 1865Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1586 MontyHistNotes_III 
6 Howard / Montgomery  25 Mar 1886Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2754 MontyHistNotes_III 
7 Howard / Montgomery  21 Dec 1887Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2764 MontyHistNotes_III 
8 Howard / Montgomery  2 Jun 1903Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2756 MontyHistNotes_III 
9 Jenkins / Montgomery  11 May 1898Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1449 MontyHistNotes_III 
10 McCarty / Montgomery  9 May 1873Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1553 MontyHistNotes_III 
11 Montgomery / Arnett  17 Aug 1887Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1480 MontyHistNotes_III 
12 Montgomery / Cantrell  19 Jan 1867Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2706 MontyHistNotes_III 
13 Montgomery / Cantrell  5 Jun 1874Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1463 MontyHistNotes_III 
14 Montgomery / Coffee  6 Jan 1874Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2771 MontyHistNotes_III 
15 Montgomery / Cole  21 Nov 1865Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1537 MontyHistNotes_III 
16 Montgomery / Fletcher  18 Aug 1888Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1465 MontyHistNotes_III 
17 Montgomery / Howard  17 Dec 1863Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2745 MontyHistNotes_III 
18 Montgomery / Howard  21 Dec 1882Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2716 MontyHistNotes_III 
19 Montgomery / Howard  19 Jan 1923Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2783 MontyHistNotes_III 
20 Montgomery / Jenkins  13 Apr 1914Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2752 MontyHistNotes_III 
21 Montgomery / Montgomery  27 Dec 1887Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1451 MontyHistNotes_III 
22 Montgomery / Montgomery  1896Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2719 MontyHistNotes_III 
23 Montgomery / Montgomery  1914Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2750 MontyHistNotes_III 
24 Montgomery / Phipps  2 Oct 1860Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2780 MontyHistNotes_III 
25 Montgomery / Skaggs  8 Aug 1888Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2721 MontyHistNotes_III 
26 Montgomery / Skaggs  25 Jul 1892Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1488 MontyHistNotes_III 
27 Montgomery / Trusty  25 Nov 1906Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1475 MontyHistNotes_III 
28 Montgomery / Wages  16 Sep 1875Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1481 MontyHistNotes_III 
29 Power / Montgomery  6 Apr 1861Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1530 MontyHistNotes_III 
30 Ramey / Montgomery  1 Feb 1892Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2781 MontyHistNotes_III 
31 Risner / Montgomery  25 Mar 1862Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F2743 MontyHistNotes_III 
32 Tackett / Montgomery  28 Jun 1879Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1585 MontyHistNotes_III 
33 Tackett / Montgomery  13 Oct 1900Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1569 MontyHistNotes_III 
34 Watson / Cole  8 Feb 1899Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1565 MontyHistNotes_III 
35 Watson / Montgomery  28 Jun 1926Magoffin, Kentucky, USA F1543 MontyHistNotes_III