Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Connor, Montigue Allen  28 Oct 1877Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19157 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Connor, William Allen  5 Jun 1913Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19158 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Connor, William Mayo  29 Oct 1892Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I14744 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Cook, Annie Jeffie  2 Apr 1873Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I35214 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Cook, Doctor Alfonso  17 Aug 1875Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I34744 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Cook, Elizabeth Virginia  14 Sep 1859Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I33152 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Cook, Eva Leanna  30 Oct 1879Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I35370 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Cook, Flora Winifred Priscilla Illa  3 Feb 1871Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I35949 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Cook, Florence Josephine Josie  12 Nov 1869Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I34242 MontyHistNotes_2014 
10 Cook, Louisa Rebecca  1 Nov 1857Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I33228 MontyHistNotes_2014 
11 Cook, Reuben Rogers Rountree  8 Oct 1877Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I35963 MontyHistNotes_2014 
12 Cook, Saddie Gray  3 Feb 1882Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I36455 MontyHistNotes_2014 
13 Cook, Samuel Asa  26 Apr 1866Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I33212 MontyHistNotes_2014 
14 Fomby, William Mathew  20 Nov 1890Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I35890 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Currey, Ann Elizabeth  22 Dec 1905Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I4958 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Ledbetter, Lorine  10 Oct 1939Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19156 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Connor, Montigue Allen  1920Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19157 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Connor, Montigue Allen  1930Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19157 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Connor, Montigue Allen  1 Apr 1940Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19157 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Connor, William Allen  1920Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19158 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Connor, William Allen  1930Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19158 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Ledbetter, Lorine  1920Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19156 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Ledbetter, Lorine  1930Daingerfield, Morris, Texas, USA I19156 MontyHistNotes_2014