Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Tree: MontyHistNotes_II

City/Town : Latitude: 54.9966124, Longitude: -7.308574799999974


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Donnald, Marry  1748Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45022 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Drennen, Margaret Emmeline  8 Apr 1901Londonderry, Northern Ireland I36412 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Hamilton, Armour  1705Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25659 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Hamilton, Audley Harrison  1677Londonderry, Northern Ireland I6736 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Hamilton, Cynthia Eleanor Beatrix  16 Aug 1897Londonderry, Northern Ireland I5084 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Hamilton, Patrick  1700Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25660 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 MacGregore, Jean  1698Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25683 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 McCullough, Mary  1694Londonderry, Northern Ireland I18492 MontyHistNotes_II 
9 Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Eglinton Alexander Seton  1660Londonderry, Northern Ireland I4917 MontyHistNotes_II 
10 Montgomerie, Hugh  8 Feb 1665Londonderry, Northern Ireland I9891 MontyHistNotes_II 
11 Montgomery, Alexander  1700Londonderry, Northern Ireland I18495 MontyHistNotes_II 
12 Montgomery, Eliza  18 May 1838Londonderry, Northern Ireland I23388 MontyHistNotes_II 
13 Montgomery, Hugh Sr  1689Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25814 MontyHistNotes_II 
14 Montgomery, Hugh  1705Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25804 MontyHistNotes_II 
15 Montgomery, John  1640Londonderry, Northern Ireland I34029 MontyHistNotes_II 
16 Montgomery, John  6 Oct 1818Londonderry, Northern Ireland I21341 MontyHistNotes_II 
17 Montgomery, John Stewart Sr  1777Londonderry, Northern Ireland I43811 MontyHistNotes_II 
18 Montgomery, Margaret  1712Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25892 MontyHistNotes_II 
19 Montgomery, Martha  1710Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25902 MontyHistNotes_II 
20 Montgomery, Robert Jr  1685Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25950 MontyHistNotes_II 
21 Montgomery, Robert  1708Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25945 MontyHistNotes_II 
22 Montgomery, Robert  1791Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45017 MontyHistNotes_II 
23 Montgomery, Robert Jackson  1765Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45019 MontyHistNotes_II 
24 Montgomery, Samuel  1726Londonderry, Northern Ireland I1437 MontyHistNotes_II 
25 Montgomery, William Sr  Londonderry, Northern Ireland I36195 MontyHistNotes_II 
26 Montgomery, William  1661Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25988 MontyHistNotes_II 
27 Montgomery, William Jr  Abt 1764Londonderry, Northern Ireland I36194 MontyHistNotes_II 
28 Shaw, Isabella  1640Londonderry, Northern Ireland I26029 MontyHistNotes_II 
29 Shepherd, Agnes  1795Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45018 MontyHistNotes_II 
30 Wendhot, Evelyn  1765Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45020 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 Montgomery, Robert Sr  1660Londonderry, Northern Ireland I25954 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beresford, Reverend Charles Cobbe  12 Dec 1850Londonderry, Northern Ireland I36563 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Beresford, Rt Hon John  5 Nov 1805Londonderry, Northern Ireland I36559 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Donnald, Marry  Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45022 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 McClintock, Susan Maria  14 Jun 1835Londonderry, Northern Ireland I1105 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Montgomery, John  1689Londonderry, Northern Ireland I34029 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Montgomery, Nathaniel  1795Londonderry, Northern Ireland I6849 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Montgomery, Robert  Abt 1814Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45021 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 Montgomery, Robert  Abt 1853Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45017 MontyHistNotes_II 
9 Montgomery, Robert Jackson  1829Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45019 MontyHistNotes_II 
10 Montgomery, Reverend Samuel Law  19 May 1832Londonderry, Northern Ireland I1446 MontyHistNotes_II 
11 Montgomery, William Conyngham  Sep 1882Londonderry, Northern Ireland I38935 MontyHistNotes_II 
12 Wendhot, Evelyn  Aft 1791Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45020 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Montgomery, Amy Maria  31 Mar 1901Londonderry, Northern Ireland I34602 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Montgomery, Thomas Bedford  31 Mar 1901Londonderry, Northern Ireland I34599 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Montgomery, Violet Aileen Riall  31 Mar 1901Londonderry, Northern Ireland I34641 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Riall, Dorothea Maria  31 Mar 1901Londonderry, Northern Ireland I34600 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Montgomery, John  7 Oct 1931Londonderry, Northern Ireland I43648 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Best / Montgomery  Jun 1904Londonderry, Northern Ireland F13833 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Montgomery / McCullough  Abt 1712Londonderry, Northern Ireland F7985 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Montgomery / Tomkyns  1 Jul 1750Londonderry, Northern Ireland F2981 MontyHistNotes_II