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This website dedicated to family histories of Keith Montgomery. In addition, it includes a great deal of information about Montgomerys from all over the world and the various branches of the Montgomery family. Be sure to check out the "What's New" button from time to time.

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I try my best to put as much accurate information as possible into this website. However with several hundred thousand records, mistake are possible and I cannot promise fully accurate records here. I am always glad to hear from you when you have additional or improved information to share with me.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 Eglinton Castle Scotland _SCOTTISH ROOTS Cousins Keith and Denis Montgomery at Eglington Castle Scotland, July 2010.

Here is information about my many, many connections in the Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina Area:


My line of Montgomerys starts with John Montgomery (1710-1778) and Martha Montgomery (1720-1799) who lived their later years in Mecklenburg, North Carolina.

Here are some notes that help separate misconceptions about Martha Montgomery (my family line) versus Martha Finley (an in-law line related to me)

feature 3 JOHN ANDREW MONTGOMERY John Andrew Montgomery of San Marcos, Texas

feature 4 ROWNTREE Richardson Rountree (1745-1819)
Richardson Rountree was my 4th Great Grandfather. The Rountrees settled all around the southern states in the late 1700s, and many are related by DNA to Francis Rountree and a group that came over from County Armagh in Northern Ireland. It is believed that the Rountrees are of English origin and that the Armagh chapter was a relative short time in the family history before several of them came to America.

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