Hancock County, Ohio, USA


Tree: Woodworth Ancestry

County/Shire : Latitude: 41.0273131, Longitude: -83.67739279999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Sarah Judson  1843Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17298 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Anderson, Susan J  1844Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17299 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Ault, Eva Fidelis Della  29 Dec 1870Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2192 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Beamer, Corlin M  14 Nov 1870Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17213 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Beamer, Hannah  4 Dec 1870Hancock County, Ohio, USA I18182 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Beamer, Irene  3 Aug 1872Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17216 Woodworth Ancestry 
7 Beamer, Lewis  19 May 1869Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17214 Woodworth Ancestry 
8 Beamer, Mary Elizabeth  8 Jun 1874Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17217 Woodworth Ancestry 
9 Beamer, Perry  14 Dec 1867Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17215 Woodworth Ancestry 
10 Bell, Sarah Altha  15 Oct 1859Hancock County, Ohio, USA I5650 Woodworth Ancestry 
11 Benington, Ralph Orlando  8 Jan 1888Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17259 Woodworth Ancestry 
12 Bright, Lettie Ann  26 Oct 1872Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3522 Woodworth Ancestry 
13 Darrah, Albert  10 Jun 1856Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17288 Woodworth Ancestry 
14 Darrah, Margaret  5 Dec 1853Hancock County, Ohio, USA I5633 Woodworth Ancestry 
15 Darrah, Mary  26 Aug 1855Hancock County, Ohio, USA I24822 Woodworth Ancestry 
16 Dible, Mervin  25 Sep 1926Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17227 Woodworth Ancestry 
17 Dulgar, Glenn Edsel  27 Jan 1918Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3532 Woodworth Ancestry 
18 Earleywine, Aaron Burr  21 Jul 1825Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4440 Woodworth Ancestry 
19 Earlywine, Amos  8 Feb 1858Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4652 Woodworth Ancestry 
20 Earlywine, Daniel Webster  12 Feb 1854Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4670 Woodworth Ancestry 
21 Earlywine, Elizabeth Laura  6 Sep 1858Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4653 Woodworth Ancestry 
22 Earlywine, Irena  1852Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4669 Woodworth Ancestry 
23 Earlywine, Louis  25 Jun 1860Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4672 Woodworth Ancestry 
24 Earlywine, Obediah Sidney  5 Mar 1851Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4668 Woodworth Ancestry 
25 Earlywine, Vianna  1854Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4671 Woodworth Ancestry 
26 Hagedorn, Jean  9 Jan 1921Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4806 Woodworth Ancestry 
27 Hagedorn, Kenneth  3 Oct 1926Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4807 Woodworth Ancestry 
28 Hagerman, Ethyl Marie  15 May 1921Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17226 Woodworth Ancestry 
29 Hagerman, Harvey Henry  29 Aug 1895Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17223 Woodworth Ancestry 
30 Hagerman, Russell Lowell  4 Jun 1927Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17224 Woodworth Ancestry 
31 Hall, Eliza Ellen  31 Oct 1845Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4472 Woodworth Ancestry 
32 Hall, Elma Arthelia  12 May 1867Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2358 Woodworth Ancestry 
33 Hall, Emma R  1862Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2407 Woodworth Ancestry 
34 Hall, Franklin B  1860Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2406 Woodworth Ancestry 
35 Hall, Margaret H  1856Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2405 Woodworth Ancestry 
36 Hall, Mary Elizabeth  19 Jul 1865Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2331 Woodworth Ancestry 
37 Hall, Nancy Victorine  6 May 1858Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2383 Woodworth Ancestry 
38 Hall, Obadiah S  1854Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2404 Woodworth Ancestry 
39 Hall, Sarah A  1849Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2403 Woodworth Ancestry 
40 Hoy, Lyman Franklin  27 Sep 1853Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4800 Woodworth Ancestry 
41 Kleckner, Milton  21 Mar 1843Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3565 Woodworth Ancestry 
42 Leah, Gertrude  31 Oct 1919Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4874 Woodworth Ancestry 
43 McAnelly, Jefferson  30 Nov 1845Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3536 Woodworth Ancestry 
44 McAnelly, John  5 Feb 1848Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17207 Woodworth Ancestry 
45 McAnelly, Lucinda  6 Mar 1841Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17210 Woodworth Ancestry 
46 McAnelly, Mary  1836Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17209 Woodworth Ancestry 
47 McAnelly, Moses M Jr  15 Mar 1853Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17206 Woodworth Ancestry 
48 McAnelly, William  17 Sep 1834Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17208 Woodworth Ancestry 
49 Mellott, Glenna Helen  6 Mar 1926Hancock County, Ohio, USA I24633 Woodworth Ancestry 
50 Moore, Ross Wallace  3 Jan 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I7218 Woodworth Ancestry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Thomas John  1849Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17297 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Ault, Eva Fidelis Della  10 Oct 1963Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2192 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Beamer, Irene  1 May 1960Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17216 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Beamer, Lewis  30 Oct 1943Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17214 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Bell, James Albert  29 Jul 1937Hancock County, Ohio, USA I16985 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Bohmker, John Claudius  Sep 1959Hancock County, Ohio, USA I16609 Woodworth Ancestry 
7 Bricker, Raymond Clark  23 Feb 1980Hancock County, Ohio, USA I16653 Woodworth Ancestry 
8 Elder, Lydia Elizabeth  7 Oct 1879Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2554 Woodworth Ancestry 
9 Hagedorn, Jean  9 Jan 1921Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4806 Woodworth Ancestry 
10 Hagedorn, Jesse Orville  8 May 1956Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4804 Woodworth Ancestry 
11 Hagedorn, Kenneth  3 Oct 1926Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4807 Woodworth Ancestry 
12 Hoy, Lyman Franklin  10 May 1900Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4800 Woodworth Ancestry 
13 Johnson, James Harvey  7 Nov 1942Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2591 Woodworth Ancestry 
14 Lake, Martha  Abt 1835Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2579 Woodworth Ancestry 
15 Little, Dilly Ann  23 Dec 1898Hancock County, Ohio, USA I16605 Woodworth Ancestry 
16 McAnelly, John  23 Jul 1861Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17207 Woodworth Ancestry 
17 McAnelly, Lucinda  15 Apr 1921Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17210 Woodworth Ancestry 
18 McAnelly, Moses M Sr  21 Oct 1852Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3535 Woodworth Ancestry 
19 McAnelly, William  31 Jul 1849Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17208 Woodworth Ancestry 
20 Parker, Mary Catherine  21 Jun 1923Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2201 Woodworth Ancestry 
21 Roberts, Letitia  29 Mar 1874Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3552 Woodworth Ancestry 
22 Roller, George Washington  3 Nov 1944Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2219 Woodworth Ancestry 
23 Roller, Harley Ward  27 Nov 1956Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2226 Woodworth Ancestry 
24 Roller, Jefferson  15 Aug 1913Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1898 Woodworth Ancestry 
25 Roller, Nancy  5 Apr 1915Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1895 Woodworth Ancestry 
26 Roller, Sarah  8 Jun 1917Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2216 Woodworth Ancestry 
27 Roller, Thomas Henry  9 Aug 1997Hancock County, Ohio, USA I24631 Woodworth Ancestry 
28 Roller, Wilson Monroe  18 Apr 1871Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1873 Woodworth Ancestry 
29 Rose, Alburtis C  22 Aug 1863Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2528 Woodworth Ancestry 
30 Rose, Elmer W  5 Feb 1888Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1861 Woodworth Ancestry 
31 Rose, Emily  10 Jan 1910Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2401 Woodworth Ancestry 
32 Rose, James Jr  27 May 1868Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2521 Woodworth Ancestry 
33 Rose, Jason  3 Jul 1840Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1893 Woodworth Ancestry 
34 Rose, Jesse  9 Nov 1887Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2522 Woodworth Ancestry 
35 Rose, Joel B  1845Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2399 Woodworth Ancestry 
36 Rose, John C  27 Jan 1863Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2557 Woodworth Ancestry 
37 Rose, Margaret  20 Apr 1830Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1892 Woodworth Ancestry 
38 Spurgeon, Sarah  17 Feb 1880Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4956 Woodworth Ancestry 
39 Stall, George Wilson  26 Jan 1961Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2446 Woodworth Ancestry 
40 Stall, John Fishel  7 Jan 1916Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2435 Woodworth Ancestry 
41 Stall, Ruth Maria  30 Jun 1986Hancock County, Ohio, USA I7734 Woodworth Ancestry 
42 Struble, Elizabeth  31 Oct 1903Hancock County, Ohio, USA I5025 Woodworth Ancestry 
43 Swindler, Elizabeth  8 May 1902Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2207 Woodworth Ancestry 
44 Teeters, Agnes Nancy  2 Apr 1842Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1900 Woodworth Ancestry 
45 Thomas, Mary Ann  27 Feb 1936Hancock County, Ohio, USA I5027 Woodworth Ancestry 
46 Treece, Ella  15 May 1924Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4799 Woodworth Ancestry 
47 Treece, Michael  10 Oct 1896Hancock County, Ohio, USA I4798 Woodworth Ancestry 
48 Ulin, Eliza  11 Jan 1894Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2553 Woodworth Ancestry 
49 Vickers, James Amos  2 Apr 1902Hancock County, Ohio, USA I17726 Woodworth Ancestry 
50 Vickers, Margaret Ellen  6 Oct 1948Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2234 Woodworth Ancestry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ault, Eva Fidelis Della  Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2192 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Roberts, Letitia  1874Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3552 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Roller, Dewey  1993Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2196 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Roller, William Campbell  1951Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3550 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Taylor, Sylvia Dell  1965Hancock County, Ohio, USA I3530 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Thomas, Ida Jane  1937Hancock County, Ohio, USA I5022 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Roller, William  Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1899 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Roller, William  25 Jun 1850Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1899 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Roller, Ethel Mae  1950Hancock County, Ohio, USA I24630 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Rose, John Allen  1 Jul 1863Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1889 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Woodward, George Washington  1950Hancock County, Ohio, USA I24634 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Woodward, Richard Eugene  1950Hancock County, Ohio, USA I24635 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Norris, Sarah  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1876 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Rose, David  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2516 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Rose, Hannah  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2513 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Rose, James Sr  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1875 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Rose, James Jr  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2521 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Rose, Jesse  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2522 Woodworth Ancestry 
7 Rose, John  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I1859 Woodworth Ancestry 
8 Rose, Jonathan  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2524 Woodworth Ancestry 
9 Rose, Levi  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2525 Woodworth Ancestry 
10 Rose, Mary Polly  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2519 Woodworth Ancestry 
11 Rose, Rachel  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2518 Woodworth Ancestry 
12 Rose, Sarah  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2520 Woodworth Ancestry 
13 Rose, Thomas  22 Apr 1837Hancock County, Ohio, USA I2523 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Roller  4 May 1841Hancock County, Ohio, USA F9789 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Baldwell / Thomas  7 Nov 1907Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3596 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Bell / Rose  20 Mar 1853Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3966 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Benington / Taylor  4 Nov 1886Hancock County, Ohio, USA F9779 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Bohmker / Thomas  5 Aug 1912Hancock County, Ohio, USA F9551 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Darrah / Roller  26 Oct 1851Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3958 Woodworth Ancestry 
7 Earleywine / Rose  8 Aug 1847Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3183 Woodworth Ancestry 
8 Elder / Rose  22 Dec 1859Hancock County, Ohio, USA F845 Woodworth Ancestry 
9 Hagedorn / Hoy  19 Sep 1914Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3447 Woodworth Ancestry 
10 Hall / Morrill  9 Mar 1876Hancock County, Ohio, USA F813 Woodworth Ancestry 
11 Hall / Rose  26 Dec 1844Hancock County, Ohio, USA F796 Woodworth Ancestry 
12 Hoy / Treece  13 Mar 1884Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3446 Woodworth Ancestry 
13 Huffman / Roller  17 Jan 1878Hancock County, Ohio, USA F766 Woodworth Ancestry 
14 Krabill / Thomas  6 Jul 1913Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3598 Woodworth Ancestry 
15 Moore / Ulsh  25 Dec 1893Hancock County, Ohio, USA F5023 Woodworth Ancestry 
16 Moore / Wisely  20 Oct 1861Hancock County, Ohio, USA F5022 Woodworth Ancestry 
17 Roller / Ault  6 Nov 1890Hancock County, Ohio, USA F754 Woodworth Ancestry 
18 Roller / Baker  29 Sep 1847Hancock County, Ohio, USA F770 Woodworth Ancestry 
19 Roller / Parker  28 Nov 1901Hancock County, Ohio, USA F4003 Woodworth Ancestry 
20 Roller / Ruckman  26 Mar 1871Hancock County, Ohio, USA F759 Woodworth Ancestry 
21 Roller / Thomas  22 Aug 1839Hancock County, Ohio, USA F614 Woodworth Ancestry 
22 Roller / Vickers  1 Oct 1885Hancock County, Ohio, USA F768 Woodworth Ancestry 
23 Rose / Anderson  8 Dec 1864Hancock County, Ohio, USA F819 Woodworth Ancestry 
24 Rose / Deavor  28 Jan 1852Hancock County, Ohio, USA F616 Woodworth Ancestry 
25 Rose / Earlywine  17 Nov 1844Hancock County, Ohio, USA F835 Woodworth Ancestry 
26 Rose / Gilliland  25 Sep 1856Hancock County, Ohio, USA F856 Woodworth Ancestry 
27 Rose / Lake  21 Mar 1833Hancock County, Ohio, USA F870 Woodworth Ancestry 
28 Rose / McVey  6 Jul 1884Hancock County, Ohio, USA F868 Woodworth Ancestry 
29 Rose / Roller  7 Dec 1865Hancock County, Ohio, USA F610 Woodworth Ancestry 
30 Rose / Saunders  22 Apr 1850Hancock County, Ohio, USA F836 Woodworth Ancestry 
31 Rose / Scott  18 Mar 1869Hancock County, Ohio, USA F874 Woodworth Ancestry 
32 Rose / Ulin  29 Sep 1836Hancock County, Ohio, USA F863 Woodworth Ancestry 
33 Rose / Wiseman  30 May 1857Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3555 Woodworth Ancestry 
34 Shaw / Rose  9 Jan 1838Hancock County, Ohio, USA F9639 Woodworth Ancestry 
35 Spahr / Roller  12 Dec 1871Hancock County, Ohio, USA F763 Woodworth Ancestry 
36 Stall / Crozier  26 Jun 1907Hancock County, Ohio, USA F9560 Woodworth Ancestry 
37 Stall / Roller  10 Apr 1862Hancock County, Ohio, USA F827 Woodworth Ancestry 
38 Taylor / Roller  29 Jul 1883Hancock County, Ohio, USA F767 Woodworth Ancestry 
39 Thomas / Little  8 Nov 1849Hancock County, Ohio, USA F9549 Woodworth Ancestry 
40 Thomas / Mathison  21 Jan 1862Hancock County, Ohio, USA F9532 Woodworth Ancestry 
41 Treece / Rose  15 Dec 1850Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3445 Woodworth Ancestry 
42 Vigneron / Thomas  4 Oct 1866Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3600 Woodworth Ancestry 
43 Watson / Hall  3 May 1866Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3199 Woodworth Ancestry 
44 Wineland / Rose  24 Feb 1857Hancock County, Ohio, USA F871 Woodworth Ancestry 
45 Wolford / Earlywine  1 Apr 1849Hancock County, Ohio, USA F3182 Woodworth Ancestry