Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Tree: Rountree Family

Latitude: 54.9981, Longitude: -7.3093


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crelon, Isabella  1678Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54178 Rountree Family 
2 Flack, Thomas  1735Londonderry, Northern Ireland I52967 Rountree Family 
3 Hamilton, Audley Harrison (Xfer)  1677Londonderry, Northern Ireland I51145 Rountree Family 
4 McCuistion, Alexander  1699Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54176 Rountree Family 
5 McCuistion, Ann  1705Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54157 Rountree Family 
6 McCuistion, Benjamin  1682Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54599 Rountree Family 
7 McCuistion, Daniel (Probable)  14 Feb 1641Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54180 Rountree Family 
8 McCuistion, Gustavus  21 May 1733Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54150 Rountree Family 
9 McCuistion, Jane  11 Mar 1735Londonderry, Northern Ireland I52968 Rountree Family 
10 McCuistion, Jean  1708Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54600 Rountree Family 
11 McCuistion, John  1674Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54166 Rountree Family 
12 McCuistion, Margaret  Abt 1699Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54593 Rountree Family 
13 McCuistion, Robert  1710Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54158 Rountree Family 
14 McCuistion, Robert  11 Sep 1728Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54145 Rountree Family 
15 McCuistion, Thomas  1704Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54177 Rountree Family 
16 McCuistion, Thomas  17 Dec 1731Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54143 Rountree Family 
17 Moody, Anne  17 May 1732Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54127 Rountree Family 
18 Moody, Thomas  1710Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54598 Rountree Family 
19 Sloan, Lady Catherine  Abt 1750Londonderry, Northern Ireland I46134 Rountree Family 
20 Thornton, Elizabeth  1700Londonderry, Northern Ireland I58697 Rountree Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crelon, Isabella  1715Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54178 Rountree Family 
2 Crockett, Antoine ΒΆ  1735Londonderry, Northern Ireland I45741 Rountree Family 
3 McCuistion, Benjamin  Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54599 Rountree Family 
4 McCuistion, Daniel (Probable)  31 Jul 1689Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54180 Rountree Family 
5 McCuistion, John  1715Londonderry, Northern Ireland I54166 Rountree Family 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 McCuistion / Crelon  9 Jan 1699Londonderry, Northern Ireland F35855 Rountree Family 
2 Montgomery / Thompson  1715Londonderry, Northern Ireland F31290 Rountree Family 
3 Moody / McCuistion  3 Nov 1723Londonderry, Northern Ireland F36045 Rountree Family 
4 Starke / Thornton  1716Londonderry, Northern Ireland F37586 Rountree Family