Oregon, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Etta  Abt 1875Oregon, USA I34959 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Julia  Abt 1879Oregon, USA I27959 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Maude  Abt 1879Oregon, USA I31999 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Winifred E  Abt 1901Oregon, USA I29385 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Barratt, William Albert Jr  30 Oct 1918Oregon, USA I32347 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Cohoe, Delbert Dev  9 Oct 1908Oregon, USA I17284 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Cohoe, Inez I  1 Jul 1912Oregon, USA I17286 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Condra, Clysta Mae  10 Mar 1892Oregon, USA I17299 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Covey, William Elijah  Abt 1855Oregon, USA I32134 MontyHistNotes_2014 
10 Erickson, John Dean  2 Dec 1921Oregon, USA I2593 MontyHistNotes_2014 
11 Ferguson, Ada V Elizabeth  28 Apr 1898Oregon, USA I38282 MontyHistNotes_2014 
12 Ferguson, Ernest Edward  1887Oregon, USA I38280 MontyHistNotes_2014 
13 Franz, Richard L  9 Sep 1919Oregon, USA I52675 MontyHistNotes_2014 
14 Houk, Cecil Charles  22 Jul 1939Oregon, USA I32335 MontyHistNotes_2014 
15 Houk, Jacob Guy  23 Feb 1894Oregon, USA I58213 MontyHistNotes_2014 
16 L, May  Oct 1870Oregon, USA I29382 MontyHistNotes_2014 
17 McCallister, Bertha Mabel  5 Mar 1894Oregon, USA I39025 MontyHistNotes_2014 
18 Mills, Maude Lula  7 Jul 1880Oregon, USA I50354 MontyHistNotes_2014 
19 Montgomery, Chester C  Mar 1893Oregon, USA I27393 MontyHistNotes_2014 
20 Montgomery, Edith Marie  Abt 1924Oregon, USA I53430 MontyHistNotes_2014 
21 Montgomery, Florence H  1910Oregon, USA I29384 MontyHistNotes_2014 
22 Montgomery, Florence S  Jul 1891Oregon, USA I27392 MontyHistNotes_2014 
23 Montgomery, Frederick Des Fay  1910Oregon, USA I16410 MontyHistNotes_2014 
24 Montgomery, Fredric  1879Oregon, USA I27320 MontyHistNotes_2014 
25 Montgomery, George McClellan  28 Aug 1864Oregon, USA I33150 MontyHistNotes_2014 
26 Montgomery, John C  1 Jan 1899Oregon, USA I31546 MontyHistNotes_2014 
27 Montgomery, Leland K  1907Oregon, USA I29383 MontyHistNotes_2014 
28 Montgomery, Minnie  1878Oregon, USA I27319 MontyHistNotes_2014 
29 Montgomery, Olive  12 Aug 1860Oregon, USA I32165 MontyHistNotes_2014 
30 Montgomery, Orville Proale Ernest  19 Dec 1878Oregon, USA I31392 MontyHistNotes_2014 
31 Montgomery, Robert Flurry  27 Jan 1869Oregon, USA I32000 MontyHistNotes_2014 
32 Montgomery, Thomas Orvel  3 Apr 1880Oregon, USA I30853 MontyHistNotes_2014 
33 Montgomery, Virgil A  Abt 1896Oregon, USA I26886 MontyHistNotes_2014 
34 Montgomery, William Alvin  27 May 1875Oregon, USA I32166 MontyHistNotes_2014 
35 Parks, Arthur F  Abt 1908Oregon, USA I32981 MontyHistNotes_2014 
36 Rayl, Carolyn Hortense  20 Jan 1903Oregon, USA I406 MontyHistNotes_2014 
37 Rice, Anna  1865Oregon, USA I58242 MontyHistNotes_2014 
38 Rice, Fronie  1867Oregon, USA I58243 MontyHistNotes_2014 
39 Rice, Ruth  1901Oregon, USA I58248 MontyHistNotes_2014 
40 Rice, Viola  1863Oregon, USA I58241 MontyHistNotes_2014 
41 Robertson, Eileen Mae  3 Nov 1939Oregon, USA I60525 MontyHistNotes_2014 
42 Ruth  Abt 1905Oregon, USA I7743 MontyHistNotes_2014 
43 Steach, Clair Bringham  20 Dec 1879Oregon, USA I34751 MontyHistNotes_2014 
44 Steach, Cloy Dean  1881Oregon, USA I31374 MontyHistNotes_2014 
45 Steach, Delmer Frederick  26 Jan 1919Oregon, USA I17289 MontyHistNotes_2014 
46 Steach, Florence Jane  1914Oregon, USA I17287 MontyHistNotes_2014 
47 Steach, Ralph Dean  27 Nov 1889Oregon, USA I31127 MontyHistNotes_2014 
48 Sutton, George William  15 Aug 1917Oregon, USA I17297 MontyHistNotes_2014 
49 Sutton, James Clayton  13 Dec 1891Oregon, USA I23449 MontyHistNotes_2014 
50 Sutton, James Marley Jr  28 Feb 1913Oregon, USA I17296 MontyHistNotes_2014 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aaron, Elizabeth Holmes  1961Oregon, USA I60519 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Holmes, Otis Halbert  Oregon, USA I4906 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Steach, Fauna  1884Oregon, USA I17281 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Steach, Marie Frances  1919Oregon, USA I25960 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Sutton, James Marley Jr  1 Mar 1913Oregon, USA I17296 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Sutton, John  14 Jun 1945Oregon, USA I23456 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Erickson / Harris  1951Oregon, USA F4047 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Montgomery / Andrews  4 Mar 1900Oregon, USA F17384 MontyHistNotes_2014