Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA


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Latitude: 35.8432, Longitude: -86.4165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, John Parsley  Dec 1847Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I31133 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Cannon, Ephraim Mark  1 Jun 1826Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I59549 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Elder, Claybourne Montgomery  2 Jun 1827Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I31646 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Elder, David  16 Jun 1800Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I31642 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Elder, James Porter  30 Sep 1826Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I1394 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Gleaves, Rachel  1784Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I37021 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 McCoy, Abigail Louisa  12 Oct 1809Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I28235 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Montgomery, Amos  24 Aug 1827Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18169 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Montgomery, Infant  Abt 1829Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2756 MontyHistNotes_2014 
10 Montgomery, Josephus  11 Dec 1829Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2755 MontyHistNotes_2014 
11 Montgomery, Lavinia Catherine  28 Dec 1836Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18170 MontyHistNotes_2014 
12 Montgomery, Marcus Lafayette  24 Feb 1825Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2754 MontyHistNotes_2014 
13 Montgomery, Martha Margaret  3 Oct 1824Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I16830 MontyHistNotes_2014 
14 Montgomery, Tursay Caroline  24 Aug 1827Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18168 MontyHistNotes_2014 
15 Wheeler, Riley Burton  1818Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I16828 MontyHistNotes_2014 
16 White, Robert Gilbert Jr  16 Dec 1837Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I35215 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowman, Eleanor  13 Jan 1831Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I23894 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Cannon, Joseph  14 Oct 1857Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I4845 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Cannon, Rachel  2 Apr 1823Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I4841 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Cannon, Theophilus Alexander  10 Jan 1836Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I4842 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Clark, Rebecca  1817Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18991 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Elder, James Porter  Bef 1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I1394 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Gleaves, Rachel  1827Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I37021 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Henderson, Logan  8 Dec 1846Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I8408 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Kennedy, Ruth  21 Jun 1875Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I21487 MontyHistNotes_2014 
10 Montgomery, James  1839Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18990 MontyHistNotes_2014 
11 Montgomery, Mary Mahala  1835Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I865 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID   Tree 
1 Montgomery, Robert M Woods  1817Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I16814 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 McCoy, Ezekiel Beatty Sr  6 Feb 1814Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I28246 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Relocated    Person ID   Tree 
1 Montgomery, Robert M Woods  1816Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I16814 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elder, Claybourne Montgomery  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I31646 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Elder, David  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I31642 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Kennedy, Ruth  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I21487 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Kennedy, Ruth  1840Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I21487 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Kirby, Thomas D  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2322 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Kirby, Thomas D  1840Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2322 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Lowe, Malinda  1850Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I35274 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 McCoy, Ezekiel Beatty Jr  1810Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I28248 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Montgomery, Amos  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18169 MontyHistNotes_2014 
10 Montgomery, Amos  1840Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18169 MontyHistNotes_2014 
11 Montgomery, Infant  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2756 MontyHistNotes_2014 
12 Montgomery, James  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18990 MontyHistNotes_2014 
13 Montgomery, James  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I20202 MontyHistNotes_2014 
14 Montgomery, Josephus  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2755 MontyHistNotes_2014 
15 Montgomery, Josephus  1840Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2755 MontyHistNotes_2014 
16 Montgomery, Lavinia Catherine  1840Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18170 MontyHistNotes_2014 
17 Montgomery, Marcus Lafayette  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2754 MontyHistNotes_2014 
18 Montgomery, Marcus Lafayette  1840Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I2754 MontyHistNotes_2014 
19 Montgomery, Martha Louisa  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I31641 MontyHistNotes_2014 
20 Montgomery, Mary Mahala  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I865 MontyHistNotes_2014 
21 Montgomery, Robert M Woods  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I16814 MontyHistNotes_2014 
22 Montgomery, Tursay Caroline  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18168 MontyHistNotes_2014 
23 Montgomery, Tursay Caroline  1840Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I18168 MontyHistNotes_2014 
24 Reed, Susan A  1850Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I4599 MontyHistNotes_2014 
25 Reed, Susan A  1860Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I4599 MontyHistNotes_2014 
26 Reed, Susan A  1870Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I4599 MontyHistNotes_2014 
27 Reed, Susan A  1880Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I4599 MontyHistNotes_2014 
28 White, Robert Gilbert Sr  1830Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I35275 MontyHistNotes_2014 
29 White, Robert Gilbert Sr  1850Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I35275 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Margaret Peggy  16 Feb 1814Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I28247 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 McCoy, Ezekiel Beatty Sr  16 Feb 1814Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I28246 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 McCoy, Ezekiel Beatty Jr  16 Feb 1814Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I28248 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 McCoy, Francis Bradley  16 Feb 1814Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA I37006 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Ballou  9 Feb 1819Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F13287 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Arnold / Kirby  23 Sep 1858Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F20357 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Elder / Montgomery  7 Nov 1825Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F2602 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Johnson /   15 Dec 1831Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F13282 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Kirby / Montgomery  1825Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F2609 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Kirby / Northcutt  9 Sep 1858Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F20365 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Montgomery / Gordon  19 Mar 1822Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F2610 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Reed / Montgomery  26 Mar 1833Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F2608 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Warnick / Montgomery  26 Sep 1827Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F1603 MontyHistNotes_2014 
10 White / Lowe  10 Feb 1825Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA F13641 MontyHistNotes_2014