Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA


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City/Town : Latitude: 31.7621153, Longitude: -95.63078910000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Knight, Etta Roberta  15 Apr 1890Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I59975 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Montgomery, Pete  25 Apr 1919Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54799 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Dellia Lee  7 May 2009Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54600 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Beasley, Edna Mae  19 Mar 2006Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54598 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Beasley, Isaac Simmons  16 Apr 1937Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I19036 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Beasley, Mattie Bell  1 Oct 2007Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54601 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Beasley, Roy Cobble  5 Jul 1961Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54599 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Berry, Nora Estella  6 Jun 1959Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I22893 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Boydston, Fred Milton  18 May 1957Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I49515 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Knight, Jackson Lewis  1898Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I59974 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Montgomery, Edward Ready  1989Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54797 MontyHistNotes_2014 
10 Montgomery, Robert Estell  23 Dec 1937Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54800 MontyHistNotes_2014 
11 Walkup, Dr Thomas Edward  14 May 1986Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I26047 MontyHistNotes_2014 
12 Weaver, Joseph Malcolm  5 Nov 1997Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54610 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Dellia Lee  2009Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54600 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Beasley, Edna Mae  2006Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54598 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Rainey, Rosemary  1994Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54608 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Redden, Vergie Newton  1926Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54613 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Scott, James Edward  1962Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54605 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Scott, Oscar Lee  1976Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54603 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Scott, Samuel Lee  2013Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54604 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Walkup, Dr Thomas Edward  1986Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I26047 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Weaver, Joseph Malcolm  1997Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54610 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Edna Mae  1 Apr 1940Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54598 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Beasley, Roy Cobble  1 Apr 1940Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54599 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Berry, Nora Estella  1 Apr 1940Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I22893 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Henderson, Albert Sidney  1930Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I21087 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Henderson, Alta  1930Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I21091 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Jordan, Jennie  1 Apr 1940Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54795 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Montgomery, Edward Ready  1 Apr 1940Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54797 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Montgomery, Pete  1 Apr 1940Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54799 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Weaver, Joseph Malcolm  1 Apr 1940Palestine, Anderson, Texas, USA I54610 MontyHistNotes_2014