Shelby County, Alabama, USA


Tree: MontyHistNotes_2014

Latitude: 33.2668, Longitude: -86.6547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pearson, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jan 1852Shelby County, Alabama, USA I9975 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Simmons, Benjamin Franklin Sr  5 Mar 1850Shelby County, Alabama, USA I18996 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Arthur  9 Jan 1949Shelby County, Alabama, USA I21758 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Cobb, Laura E  23 Jun 1946Shelby County, Alabama, USA I21160 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Cox, Lester Grover  21 May 1954Shelby County, Alabama, USA I40528 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Hodges, Alice Joanne  5 Mar 1946Shelby County, Alabama, USA I9432 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Horsley, Sarah Ann  13 Jun 1926Shelby County, Alabama, USA I40454 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Jones, Arthur Lou  24 Feb 1946Shelby County, Alabama, USA I40470 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Lee, James Alfred  Bef 1900Shelby County, Alabama, USA I3944 MontyHistNotes_2014 
8 Morrison, Mildred Millie  6 Aug 1882Shelby County, Alabama, USA I67977 MontyHistNotes_2014 
9 Pearson, Mary Elizabeth  11 Mar 1929Shelby County, Alabama, USA I9975 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clark, Paralee Jane Russel  1870Shelby County, Alabama, USA I18239 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Horsley, Daniel Marion  1870Shelby County, Alabama, USA I40792 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Horsley, John C  1870Shelby County, Alabama, USA I17088 MontyHistNotes_2014 
4 Horsley, Thomas L  1870Shelby County, Alabama, USA I17087 MontyHistNotes_2014 
5 Moore, Melissa McAden  1870Shelby County, Alabama, USA I25311 MontyHistNotes_2014 
6 Thomson, Dr Thomas  1870Shelby County, Alabama, USA I10796 MontyHistNotes_2014 
7 Wharton, Mary Elizabeth  1870Shelby County, Alabama, USA I40771 MontyHistNotes_2014 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Crowe / Bice  11 Nov 1944Shelby County, Alabama, USA F15531 MontyHistNotes_2014 
2 Horsley / 2  Sep 1947Shelby County, Alabama, USA F15558 MontyHistNotes_2014 
3 Sullivan / Pearson  19 Aug 1875Shelby County, Alabama, USA F8736 MontyHistNotes_2014