Daviess County, Kentucky, USA


Tree: MontyHistNotes_II

Latitude: 37.7318, Longitude: -87.0875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coomes, Mary Susanna  Abt 1846Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I268 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Hawkins, Lucy Ann  Sep 1831Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I41337 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Kennedy, Annie Elizabeth  28 Apr 1882Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9239 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Lambert, Mary Daisy  5 Oct 1882Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9247 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Montgomery, Appolonia Ann  25 Aug 1836Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I202 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Montgomery, Athanatius  5 Aug 1831Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I203 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Montgomery, Austin Leo  10 Mar 1819Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I204 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 Montgomery, Benedict Joseph  10 Jan 1834Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I205 MontyHistNotes_II 
9 Montgomery, Charles Henry  12 Aug 1853Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9094 MontyHistNotes_II 
10 Montgomery, Charles Warren  26 Dec 1840Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I15453 MontyHistNotes_II 
11 Montgomery, Clotilda Josephine  3 Jul 1845Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I15454 MontyHistNotes_II 
12 Montgomery, Elizabeth E  9 Aug 1855Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9139 MontyHistNotes_II 
13 Montgomery, Bishop George Thomas  30 Dec 1847Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I347 MontyHistNotes_II 
14 Montgomery, Ira Ignatius  24 Oct 1879Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I41565 MontyHistNotes_II 
15 Montgomery, James Edward  30 Jan 1873Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9087 MontyHistNotes_II 
16 Montgomery, John Thomas  1827Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I223 MontyHistNotes_II 
17 Montgomery, Joseph B.  9 Aug 1866Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I258 MontyHistNotes_II 
18 Montgomery, Louisa J  8 Mar 1839Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9238 MontyHistNotes_II 
19 Montgomery, Louisa Jane  12 Jan 1862Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I257 MontyHistNotes_II 
20 Montgomery, Mary  1847Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9091 MontyHistNotes_II 
21 Montgomery, Matilda  1852Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I255 MontyHistNotes_II 
22 Montgomery, Michael Constantine  7 Jan 1857Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9095 MontyHistNotes_II 
23 Montgomery, Monica Melvina  10 Mar 1843Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9237 MontyHistNotes_II 
24 Montgomery, Pius M  13 Jan 1845Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9090 MontyHistNotes_II 
25 Montgomery, Pius Michael  20 Jan 1816Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I232 MontyHistNotes_II 
26 Montgomery, Robert Emmet  27 Dec 1856Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I271 MontyHistNotes_II 
27 Montgomery, Susan Eleanora  25 Aug 1855Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I264 MontyHistNotes_II 
28 Montgomery, Thomas James  10 Apr 1840Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9089 MontyHistNotes_II 
29 Montgomery, Virginia Elizabeth  15 Sep 1859Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I256 MontyHistNotes_II 
30 Montgomery, William Kendrick  21 Sep 1842Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9085 MontyHistNotes_II 
31 Montgomery, Zacharia T  10 Mar 1849Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9092 MontyHistNotes_II 
32 Montgomery, Zachariah Thomas Sr  6 Mar 1825Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I42828 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carrico, Rose Ann  27 Mar 1863Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I192 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Clements, Charles Overton  18 Nov 1904Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9101 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Clements, Mary Louise  22 Sep 1882Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I263 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Hazle, Ruth Virginia  21 Feb 1939Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9093 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Higdon, Laura Ann  30 Nov 1908Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9086 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Kennedy, Annie Elizabeth  11 Nov 1906Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9239 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Montgomery, Appolonia Ann  12 Aug 1912Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I202 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 Montgomery, Athanatius  2 Jun 1912Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I203 MontyHistNotes_II 
9 Montgomery, Austin Leo  9 Jul 1897Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I204 MontyHistNotes_II 
10 Montgomery, Elizabeth E  7 Mar 1856Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9139 MontyHistNotes_II 
11 Montgomery, Hilary  5 May 1968Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9135 MontyHistNotes_II 
12 Montgomery, Ira Ignatius  2 Jun 1959Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I41565 MontyHistNotes_II 
13 Montgomery, John Thomas  Jul 1828Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I223 MontyHistNotes_II 
14 Montgomery, Margaret Modesta  12 Jan 1914Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I226 MontyHistNotes_II 
15 Montgomery, Monica Melvina  11 Aug 1858Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9237 MontyHistNotes_II 
16 Montgomery, Patrick E  2 Aug 1979Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9136 MontyHistNotes_II 
17 Montgomery, Pius M  4 Jun 1930Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9090 MontyHistNotes_II 
18 Montgomery, Thomas Francis  25 Jan 1851Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I239 MontyHistNotes_II 
19 Montgomery, Thomas Leander Sr  8 Aug 1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I29860 MontyHistNotes_II 
20 Montgomery, Zacharia T  11 Mar 1904Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9092 MontyHistNotes_II 
21 Warren, Harriet M  29 Aug 1858Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I346 MontyHistNotes_II 
22 Wathen, Clotilda  12 May 1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I248 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Montgomery, Margaret Modesta  1914Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I226 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Wathen, Clotilda  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I248 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wathen, Clotilda  25 May 1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I248 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carrico, Rose Ann  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I192 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Carrico, Rose Ann  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I192 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Clements, Charles Overton  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9101 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Hazle, Ruth Virginia  1910Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9093 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Head, Joseph David  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9105 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Montgomery, Appolonia Ann  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I202 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Montgomery, Appolonia Ann  1910Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I202 MontyHistNotes_II 
8 Montgomery, Athanatius  1 Jul 1863Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I203 MontyHistNotes_II 
9 Montgomery, Austin Leo  1840Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I204 MontyHistNotes_II 
10 Montgomery, Austin Leo  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I204 MontyHistNotes_II 
11 Montgomery, Austin Leo  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I204 MontyHistNotes_II 
12 Montgomery, Charles Henry  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9094 MontyHistNotes_II 
13 Montgomery, George  1910Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9102 MontyHistNotes_II 
14 Montgomery, Gertrude  1910Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9106 MontyHistNotes_II 
15 Montgomery, Jessie  1910Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9110 MontyHistNotes_II 
16 Montgomery, Margaret Modesta  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I226 MontyHistNotes_II 
17 Montgomery, Margaret Modesta  1910Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I226 MontyHistNotes_II 
18 Montgomery, Mary  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9091 MontyHistNotes_II 
19 Montgomery, Mary  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9091 MontyHistNotes_II 
20 Montgomery, Matilda  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I255 MontyHistNotes_II 
21 Montgomery, Michael Constantine  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9095 MontyHistNotes_II 
22 Montgomery, Pius M  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9090 MontyHistNotes_II 
23 Montgomery, Pius M  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9090 MontyHistNotes_II 
24 Montgomery, Pius M  1910Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9090 MontyHistNotes_II 
25 Montgomery, Pius Michael  1840Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I232 MontyHistNotes_II 
26 Montgomery, Raphael Lullas  1 Jul 1863Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I233 MontyHistNotes_II 
27 Montgomery, Thomas Francis  1840Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I239 MontyHistNotes_II 
28 Montgomery, Thomas James  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9089 MontyHistNotes_II 
29 Montgomery, Thomas James  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9089 MontyHistNotes_II 
30 Montgomery, Virginia Elizabeth  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I256 MontyHistNotes_II 
31 Montgomery, William Kendrick  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9085 MontyHistNotes_II 
32 Montgomery, William Kendrick  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9085 MontyHistNotes_II 
33 Montgomery, Zacharia T  1850Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9092 MontyHistNotes_II 
34 Montgomery, Zacharia T  1860Daviess County, Kentucky, USA I9092 MontyHistNotes_II 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clements / Montgomery  25 Mar 1856Daviess County, Kentucky, USA F4356 MontyHistNotes_II 
2 Montgomery / Allen  4 Sep 1864Daviess County, Kentucky, USA F86 MontyHistNotes_II 
3 Montgomery / Bryan  22 May 1854Daviess County, Kentucky, USA F84 MontyHistNotes_II 
4 Montgomery / Carrico  21 Mar 1839Daviess County, Kentucky, USA F67 MontyHistNotes_II 
5 Montgomery / Clements  5 Apr 1853Daviess County, Kentucky, USA F87 MontyHistNotes_II 
6 Montgomery / Wathen  16 Jan 1815Daviess County, Kentucky, USA F76 MontyHistNotes_II 
7 Warren / Montgomery  9 Jan 1841Daviess County, Kentucky, USA F12103 MontyHistNotes_II