Franklin, Mississippi, USA


Tree: Rountree Family

Latitude: 31.4775, Longitude: -90.898


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cotten, Thomas Bluitt  1 Nov 1885Franklin, Mississippi, USA I43660 Rountree Family 
2 Cupit, Martha Ann  25 Oct 1842Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44062 Rountree Family 
3 Emfinger, Emily Catherine  Jul 1859Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44050 Rountree Family 
4 Lofton, Aaron Emerson  24 Jan 1866Franklin, Mississippi, USA I43662 Rountree Family 
5 McCall, Colon Oliver  7 May 1896Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44051 Rountree Family 
6 Prather, Harmon Edmond  21 Jan 1877Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44056 Rountree Family 
7 Prather, James Bailey  11 Aug 1837Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44061 Rountree Family 
8 Prather, Lela Pearline  20 Mar 1905Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44054 Rountree Family 
9 Rushing, Joseph Calvin  14 Mar 1833Franklin, Mississippi, USA I43664 Rountree Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crockett, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1836Franklin, Mississippi, USA I45763 Rountree Family 
2 Cupit, Martha Ann  14 Apr 1877Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44062 Rountree Family 
3 Lofton, Aaron Emerson  2 Apr 1950Franklin, Mississippi, USA I43662 Rountree Family 
4 McKinney, Nannie Elizabeth  27 Jul 1916Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44060 Rountree Family 
5 Prather, James Bailey  16 Nov 1889Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44061 Rountree Family 
6 Prather, Robert Evan  25 Mar 1866Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44063 Rountree Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cupit, Martha Ann  1877Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44062 Rountree Family 
2 McKinney, Nannie Elizabeth  1916Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44060 Rountree Family 
3 Prather, Harmon Edmond  1950Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44056 Rountree Family 
4 Prather, James Bailey  1889Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44061 Rountree Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crockett, Catherine  1850Franklin, Mississippi, USA I43566 Rountree Family 
2 Cupit, Martha Ann  1850Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44062 Rountree Family 
3 Cupit, Martha Ann  1860Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44062 Rountree Family 
4 Cupit, Martha Ann  1870Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44062 Rountree Family 
5 Emfinger, Emily Catherine  1860Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44050 Rountree Family 
6 Emfinger, Emily Catherine  1870Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44050 Rountree Family 
7 McCall, Colon Oliver  1900Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44051 Rountree Family 
8 McCall, Colon Oliver  1910Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44051 Rountree Family 
9 McKinney, Nannie Elizabeth  1900Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44060 Rountree Family 
10 McKinney, Nannie Elizabeth  1910Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44060 Rountree Family 
11 Prather, Harmon Edmond  1900Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44056 Rountree Family 
12 Prather, Harmon Edmond  1910Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44056 Rountree Family 
13 Prather, James Bailey  1850Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44061 Rountree Family 
14 Prather, James Bailey  1860Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44061 Rountree Family 
15 Prather, James Bailey  1870Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44061 Rountree Family 
16 Prather, Lela Pearline  1910Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44054 Rountree Family 
17 Prather, Robert Evan  1841Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44063 Rountree Family 
18 Prather, Robert Evan  1845Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44063 Rountree Family 
19 Prather, Robert Evan  1850Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44063 Rountree Family 
20 Prather, Robert Evan  1860Franklin, Mississippi, USA I44063 Rountree Family 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Prather / Cupit  13 Jul 1858Franklin, Mississippi, USA F29925 Rountree Family 
2 Prather / Emfinger  3 Apr 1879Franklin, Mississippi, USA F29921 Rountree Family 
3 Prather / McKinney  23 Sep 1903Franklin, Mississippi, USA F29923 Rountree Family 
4 Rushing / Freeman  28 Oct 1857Franklin, Mississippi, USA F29614 Rountree Family