Darke County, Ohio, USA


Tree: Woodworth Ancestry

Latitude: 40.1342, Longitude: -84.6223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armantrout, Peter  29 Jul 1833Darke County, Ohio, USA I5203 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 B, Jerusha  Abt 1827Darke County, Ohio, USA I2180 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Babbitt, Maria  26 Jul 1826Darke County, Ohio, USA I8508 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Bachman, George  Abt 1836Darke County, Ohio, USA I1845 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Baker, Sylvester  Abt 1810Darke County, Ohio, USA I1870 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Ballah, Nelson  Abt 1860Darke County, Ohio, USA I3449 Woodworth Ancestry 
7 Barnett, Franklin  1836Darke County, Ohio, USA I5162 Woodworth Ancestry 
8 Barnett, Martha Ann  1841Darke County, Ohio, USA I5157 Woodworth Ancestry 
9 Barnett, Milton  1828Darke County, Ohio, USA I5159 Woodworth Ancestry 
10 Barnett, Rachel  11 Nov 1833Darke County, Ohio, USA I5161 Woodworth Ancestry 
11 Berry, Alfred Clinton  8 May 1851Darke County, Ohio, USA I2719 Woodworth Ancestry 
12 Berry, Carl C  7 Oct 1909Darke County, Ohio, USA I3105 Woodworth Ancestry 
13 Berry, Jane Elizabeth  1843Darke County, Ohio, USA I2744 Woodworth Ancestry 
14 Berry, John S  30 Jan 1811Darke County, Ohio, USA I2717 Woodworth Ancestry 
15 Berry, Joseph L  Abt 1858Darke County, Ohio, USA I2751 Woodworth Ancestry 
16 Berry, Martha Ann  7 Feb 1839Darke County, Ohio, USA I2685 Woodworth Ancestry 
17 Berry, Mary Caroline  1850Darke County, Ohio, USA I2747 Woodworth Ancestry 
18 Berry, Samantha M  Abt 1862Darke County, Ohio, USA I2752 Woodworth Ancestry 
19 Berry, William S  Abt 1869Darke County, Ohio, USA I2753 Woodworth Ancestry 
20 Brubaker, Allen N  8 Jun 1847Darke County, Ohio, USA I9033 Woodworth Ancestry 
21 Brubaker, John Wallington  27 Dec 1844Darke County, Ohio, USA I9032 Woodworth Ancestry 
22 Brubaker, Mary Elizabeth  24 Apr 1851Darke County, Ohio, USA I9067 Woodworth Ancestry 
23 Brubaker, Sophia F  4 Mar 1853Darke County, Ohio, USA I9068 Woodworth Ancestry 
24 Carnes, John W  Abt 1864Darke County, Ohio, USA I8790 Woodworth Ancestry 
25 Catherine  Abt 1827Darke County, Ohio, USA I2265 Woodworth Ancestry 
26 Chance, Rhoda Ann  1825Darke County, Ohio, USA I5073 Woodworth Ancestry 
27 Cline, Hannah  Abt 1839Darke County, Ohio, USA I1214 Woodworth Ancestry 
28 Conaway, Mary Minerva  4 Mar 1846Darke County, Ohio, USA I9035 Woodworth Ancestry 
29 Conger, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1841Darke County, Ohio, USA I7643 Woodworth Ancestry 
30 Culp, Jacob Harvey  Abt 1885Darke County, Ohio, USA I3108 Woodworth Ancestry 
31 Deavor, Hester  Abt 1850Darke County, Ohio, USA I2434 Woodworth Ancestry 
32 Delawder, Sarah Ann  1804Darke County, Ohio, USA I2793 Woodworth Ancestry 
33 Drenning, John Burns  Apr 1838Darke County, Ohio, USA I5920 Woodworth Ancestry 
34 Drenning, Mathew Mark  1 Oct 1867Darke County, Ohio, USA I5894 Woodworth Ancestry 
35 Dwyres, Martha  1829Darke County, Ohio, USA I655 Woodworth Ancestry 
36 Earleywine, Aaron Burr  21 Jul 1825Darke County, Ohio, USA I4440 Woodworth Ancestry 
37 Fouts, Anna  28 Oct 1824Darke County, Ohio, USA I8696 Woodworth Ancestry 
38 Fowler, George Bevington  23 Apr 1883Darke County, Ohio, USA I5076 Woodworth Ancestry 
39 Garber, Orpha  7 Dec 1909Darke County, Ohio, USA I22966 Woodworth Ancestry 
40 Garrow, George  Abt 1911Darke County, Ohio, USA I2246 Woodworth Ancestry 
41 Garrow, John J  Abt 1910Darke County, Ohio, USA I2245 Woodworth Ancestry 
42 Garrow, Martha E  Abt 1908Darke County, Ohio, USA I2244 Woodworth Ancestry 
43 Garrow, William R  Abt 1903Darke County, Ohio, USA I2242 Woodworth Ancestry 
44 Gilliland, Mary Ann  Abt 1832Darke County, Ohio, USA I2527 Woodworth Ancestry 
45 Gilpin, Fredrick  Abt 1879Darke County, Ohio, USA I2597 Woodworth Ancestry 
46 Gilpin, William C  Abt 1842Darke County, Ohio, USA I2595 Woodworth Ancestry 
47 Gordon, Lavina  Feb 1875Darke County, Ohio, USA I8492 Woodworth Ancestry 
48 Green, Regena S  1836Darke County, Ohio, USA I656 Woodworth Ancestry 
49 Grimes, Beal  Abt 1837Darke County, Ohio, USA I3474 Woodworth Ancestry 
50 Grimes, Cassandra J  Abt 1839Darke County, Ohio, USA I3475 Woodworth Ancestry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adair, Michael  26 Apr 1889Darke County, Ohio, USA I4881 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Berry, Joseph D  22 Mar 1878Darke County, Ohio, USA I2743 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Berry, Lewis  24 Jan 1890Darke County, Ohio, USA I2603 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Berry, Martha Ann  13 Aug 1841Darke County, Ohio, USA I2685 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Brubaker, Barbara  27 Oct 1904Darke County, Ohio, USA I8703 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Crist, Barbara  13 Feb 1851Darke County, Ohio, USA I8738 Woodworth Ancestry 
7 Everhard, Susan  25 May 1873Darke County, Ohio, USA I8463 Woodworth Ancestry 
8 Flora, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1854Darke County, Ohio, USA I8710 Woodworth Ancestry 
9 Grimes, Cassius C  26 Feb 1864Darke County, Ohio, USA I5154 Woodworth Ancestry 
10 Hite, Barbara Ellen  26 Mar 1862Darke County, Ohio, USA I2681 Woodworth Ancestry 
11 Lightfoot, John  1841Darke County, Ohio, USA I5726 Woodworth Ancestry 
12 Parshall, Sarah  Mar 1873Darke County, Ohio, USA I8457 Woodworth Ancestry 
13 Rose, Alburtis C  22 Aug 1863Darke County, Ohio, USA I2528 Woodworth Ancestry 
14 Rose, Almeda V  18 Aug 1880Darke County, Ohio, USA I2567 Woodworth Ancestry 
15 Rose, Cora Altha  16 Sep 1878Darke County, Ohio, USA I2568 Woodworth Ancestry 
16 Rose, David Mooney  16 Oct 1857Darke County, Ohio, USA I8456 Woodworth Ancestry 
17 Rose, Elmer W  5 Feb 1888Darke County, Ohio, USA I1861 Woodworth Ancestry 
18 Rose, Fernie  19 Jan 1891Darke County, Ohio, USA I2575 Woodworth Ancestry 
19 Rose, Jesse II  1 Jan 1847Darke County, Ohio, USA I8462 Woodworth Ancestry 
20 Rose, Joel B  1845Darke County, Ohio, USA I2399 Woodworth Ancestry 
21 Rose, Margaret  20 Apr 1830Darke County, Ohio, USA I1892 Woodworth Ancestry 
22 Rose, William  12 Apr 1870Darke County, Ohio, USA I8454 Woodworth Ancestry 
23 Stroup, Mary C  11 Feb 1956Darke County, Ohio, USA I8482 Woodworth Ancestry 
24 Teeters, Robert  11 Oct 1860Darke County, Ohio, USA I5072 Woodworth Ancestry 
25 Thomas, Ida Jane  10 Jul 1937Darke County, Ohio, USA I5022 Woodworth Ancestry 
26 Wagner, Thelma Jean  27 May 2016Darke County, Ohio, USA I21939 Woodworth Ancestry 
27 Wills, Abraham L  24 May 1925Darke County, Ohio, USA I9807 Woodworth Ancestry 
28 Wills, Lewis  7 Apr 1896Darke County, Ohio, USA I9806 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigham, Margaret Ann  1838Darke County, Ohio, USA I5020 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Keller, Laura E  Jan 1871Darke County, Ohio, USA I7611 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Roller, Bertha B  Darke County, Ohio, USA I5707 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Roller, Frances Parker  Darke County, Ohio, USA I5709 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Roller, Irvin M  Darke County, Ohio, USA I5708 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID   Tree 
1 Teeters, Elisha  24 Apr 1820Darke County, Ohio, USA I1923 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Teeters, Col John  11 Feb 1805Darke County, Ohio, USA I5067 Woodworth Ancestry 

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rose, Aaron Fenton Burson  1862Darke County, Ohio, USA I1857 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Rose, Fred Preston  1919Darke County, Ohio, USA I8473 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Teeters, Col John  1812Darke County, Ohio, USA I5067 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amerman, James  1800Darke County, Ohio, USA I7697 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Rose, David Mooney  1805Darke County, Ohio, USA I8456 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Teeters, Pvt Elisha  1800Darke County, Ohio, USA I7694 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Teeters, Rachel  1800Darke County, Ohio, USA I7698 Woodworth Ancestry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Berry / Deeds  1831Darke County, Ohio, USA F917 Woodworth Ancestry 
2 Bowman / Skiles  13 May 1952Darke County, Ohio, USA F12021 Woodworth Ancestry 
3 Roller / Roberts  Abt 1871Darke County, Ohio, USA F1203 Woodworth Ancestry 
4 Roller / Ruckman  26 Mar 1871Darke County, Ohio, USA F759 Woodworth Ancestry 
5 Rose / McColghlin  1829Darke County, Ohio, USA F3551 Woodworth Ancestry 
6 Rose / Naus  1877Darke County, Ohio, USA F876 Woodworth Ancestry 
7 Saum / Berry  Jul 1900Darke County, Ohio, USA F919 Woodworth Ancestry 
8 Smith / Woodworth  Darke County, Ohio, USA F173 Woodworth Ancestry 
9 Teeters / Roller  1820Darke County, Ohio, USA F5281 Woodworth Ancestry 
10 Woodworth / Moulden  1840Darke County, Ohio, USA F193 Woodworth Ancestry 
11 Woodworth / Tourgee  1 Jan 1834Darke County, Ohio, USA F747 Woodworth Ancestry 
12 Woodworth / Wright  Bef 1861Darke County, Ohio, USA F110 Woodworth Ancestry