The Families of French of Belturbet and Nixon of Fermanagh

Rev. Henry Biddall Swanzy Pages 76-82

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Linked to Alexander Nixon; Mary Montgomery; Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Eliza Stanley; Arthur Stanley; Arthur Henry Montgomery; Henrietta Frances Chamley; Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Mary Elizabeth Hanna; Arthur Henry Montgomery; Francis Chamley Montgomery; Madeleine Montgomery; Robert Montgomery; George Montgomery; Elizabeth Holmes; Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Anna Sophia Adams; Benjamin Samuel Adams; Georgina Charlotte Hickson; George Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Jeannie Holmes Montgomery; Georgina Hickson Montgomery; Anna Elizabeth Mary Montgomery; Jeannie Holmes Montgomery; Elizabeth Stanley Montgomery; Mary Montgomery; Handcock Montgomery; Alicia Verner; Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Istere Alicia Atrutel; Roger Montgomery; John Willoughby Verner Montgomery; Gabriel Charles Langford Montgomery; Waldyve David Montgomery; Quintin Hogg Montgomery; Adelaide Maud Berning; Roger Quintin Montgomery; Dulcia Maud Montgomery; Alethe Sylvia Montgomery; Leonard Guise Wingfield-Stratford; Blanche Lucia Montgomery; Edward Harry Hayes; Dulcia Gabriella Montgomery; Grace Dorothea Montgomery; Richard Neville Wingfield-Stratford; Istere Octavia Montgomery; Muriel Constance Montgomery; Reginald Dewhurst; Alexandra Rogeria Louisa Montgomery; Frank Foxton Beaumont; Edith Lavinia Decima Montgomery; Irene Sybil Theresa Montgomery; Thomas Montgomery; Mark Anthony Montgomery; Anna Maria Montgomery; George Alcock Nixon; Mary Montgomery; Robert Adams; Elizabeth Montgomery; James Power; Jane Caroline Montgomery; Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Henrietta Stafford; Alexander Nixon Montgomery; Mary Lane; Alexander Montgomery; Alexander Randal William Montgomery
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